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Smart Motor pump unit for variable displacement pumps

Efficient, sensible energy consumption is in the interest of every business. This is the driving force behind our “Save Energy” product range which is optimised in terms of energy efficiency. Our product, the smart motor pump unit for variable displacement pumps, makes a significant contribution to the energy efficient design of your machinery and equipment.

Highlights & benefits:

  • Our technology uses significantly less energy, resulting in direct power savings.
  • optimised hydraulics – pump design, drive power, cooling ...
  • increased efficiency
  • provides a competitive edge
  • BMWi may be eligible for a government grant

Our product can be used in:

  • new installations
  • older installations, modernisations, retrofit, ...

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Technical details:

Our system offers many advantages over a classic motor pump unit. The smart motor pump unit developed by Pregler for variable displacement pumps is unique and shows its strength especially in the partial-load range. Our system detects current process data without additional sensors (e.g. pressure, volume), thus automatically optimising itself to the ideal working point of the system. Primarily, our system’s auxiliary power requirement is considerably reduced. For new installations, we can offer a significantly more efficient hydraulic system, e.g. by optimising pump size, reducing the cooling required and component savings. This helps us to achieve substantial cost savings.


  • Achieve direct energy cost savings.
  • Realise a competitive advantage for your machine or equipment.
  • BMWi may be eligible for a grant on replacement or new purchase.

Your benefits for new installations:

  • Optimised design of the motor pump unit regarding pump size and pump type = direct cost savings when compared to the conventional solution.
  • Lower heat input into the hydraulic oil, enabling optimised cooling = cost reduction.
  • The lower heat input slows down component ageing and thus reduces wear and tear.
  • Increased efficiency, resulting in a competitive advantage of your machine / equipment.

For older installations, we offer:

  • An energy analysis of your existing machinery and equipment based on the evaluation of work cycles.
  • Ascertaining any further potential for energy savings. Use cases show that savings of > 50% are possible.
  • We are pleased to support you in calculating your profitability, capital spending requirements and energy savings