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Simon Käser about his dual studies at Pregler

At Pregler it is possible to complete a dual study program (combined study) and thus to combine a vocational training with a study. The combination "apprenticeship electronics technician + study electrical engineering" as well as the combination "apprenticeship industrial mechanic + study mechanical engineering" are offered.

Photo: Simon Käser (center) together with industrial mechanics instructor Martin Ebner (left) and Managing Director Markus Schwarzkopf

Our dual student Simon Käser provides some insights into his career in the interview below:

Pregler: Dear Simon, the event organized by the Lower Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce to honor the best students in their exams has just ended. Congratulations on your great exam result! You are completing a dual study program at Pregler and have now passed the first part - your vocational training as an industrial mechanic - as one of the best in your exams. How does it feel to be a top student?

Simon Käser: Despite my excitement, it was pretty clear to me that I would get a good grade, but when the examiners told me that I had made it to an A in the final exam, I was briefly speechless. Now I'm just proud of myself. Proud of having learned a profession. Even if this is ultimately just a stopover on my way to becoming an engineer.

A few years ago, you decided to do a dual study program. How does that work and what do you see as the advantages of a dual study program?

Simon Käser: The integrated degree program starts with in-company training. In the first year, you learn specialist theory and manual skills, as well as how to use machine tools, in order to prepare for the intermediate examination. It is best to take this exam before the first semester at the university in order to avoid a time conflict. After this year in the company, the actual studies begin. The semesters are completed at the Technical University of Deggendorf, the semester breaks at the company. It is worth noting here that the training allowance continues to be paid during the lecture period. The completion of the training is normally achieved during the practical semester. If one commits oneself to remaining with the training company for at least three years after completing the training, then one will receive a skilled worker's salary until reaching the bachelor's degree. If one does not want to commit, then the training salary will continue to be paid until the bachelor's degree.

I see the biggest advantages of a dual study program in the financial security and the practical knowledge gained. The skills and the solution-oriented approach that the training taught me are used almost every day.

Pregler: A large part of your dual study program consists of practical phases, which you complete at Pregler in Deggendorf. What have been your tasks there so far?

Simon Käser: At the beginning of my training, my tasks were those of a normal first-year apprentice: learning basic manual skills and acquiring specialist theory. I was always supported in this by the training manager and journeymen. As my technical knowledge grew, I was also assigned more complex tasks. Over the course of my apprenticeship, I learned how to use machine tools, how to read pneumatic or hydraulic diagrams, and ultimately how to build power units. With the knowledge I gained, more complex tasks naturally came into my daily work. Working independently and solving problems require creative thinking and technical competence.

Pregler: Let's look one or two years ahead. What's next for you at Pregler after completing your studies and what goals have you set yourself for your first few years on the job?

Simon Käser: I have decided to work at Pregler for the first three years after graduation. However, I am pretty sure that I will stay there longer. My main goal is to do good work, of course, and maybe I'll do my master's degree during that time.

If you had the choice again. Would you then decide again for a dual study program in cooperation with Pregler?

Simon Käser: At any time. I am always happy to have found a company that supports me in my decision.

Thank you very much for the interview, dear Simon, and all the best for your studies and your work at Pregler!

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